A simple essay about religion

Religion is a difficult matter in our country. Many people believe that religion is a taboo because it envolves a big amount of human fears like where we go after this, and what we live for. Sometimes, people respect other`s people points of view, but, in other occasions, they don`t; even though there`s a constitutional article which protects anybody`s religion.

The Venezuelan constitution, reformed in 1999, in its article number 59 states that any person can pray whichever his/her religion is, as long as it doesn`t affect somebody else. But how much do Venezuelans know about this article? Not very much indeed; consequently, they look down on people who doesn`t practice their religion (catholic), and force them to live in the spotlight in a bad way.

Supposely,the official religion in Venezuela is Catholicism, but from 5 years up to now, a vast quantity of person has turned themselves into differents types of religions like SANTERIA, Islamism, Buddhism, etc. Some people are tolerating this change, and even accepting it because it`s a personal choice, and nobody can take it away from you.

In sum, the main problem is that people don`t respect somebody else`s religion, despite it is protected in the Venezuelan Constitution. We, as citizens of this country, need to raise our voice against this injustice, and make an effort to preserve people`s beliefs.

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A big day in my life

There are some points in our life which can changeĀ our life forever. That is what happened to me, that day turned my life totally in a good way. It was a sunny day of August, 2001 in Miranda Baseball Park. I was playing for Miranda St. against Portuguesa St. in the finals of the National Baseball Championship. We were trailing 6-5 at the buttom of the 9th inning. Everybody were so nervous because we didn`t want to lose, and they wanted to endup the game as soon as possible. First, the leadoff hitter of the innning got a walk. Then, I enteredĀ as a pinch-hitter (I was on the bench). Later, after two pitches,I hit that ball as hard as I could. I was in shock! I`d just hit a walk-off home run for winning the National Baseball Championship. Finally, I recieved the MVP finals trophy, which I have in my house as a memory of a great day that turned my life up and down.

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Me, myself, and I

People don`t like to describe themselves, including myself, but I`m going to try my best. My name is Victor Castellanos, and I was born in Feb.,29th 1988, in the beautiful city of Caracas, Venezuela. My parents are Veronica Silva and Victor Castellanos. From the very first year of my life I started to practiced baseball with my dad, and I`ve been doing it since then. Apart from baseball, I`ve practiced another type of sports like soccer, softball, rugby, and basketball. So, I have always been a healthy person. Right now, I`m studying at the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas, specializing in English, coursing at the moment 4th term. Despite that I don`t like very much children, I extremely enjoy teaching English; consequently, I want to be one of the greatest teachers ever. Talking about my personality, I`m a very shy person with people that I don`t know very well, but once I get closer to them, I become in a friendly and trustful boy. I tried to describe myself as complete as possible, and this is moreless who I am.

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Hello everybody! I really hope that you like my blog’s presentation… I’m looking forward to look your coments on my blog

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Hello world!

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